The days of super-sized homes are over. Americans now want to downsize their homes and simplify their life. The obvious problem with smaller homes is storage space.

Built-in shelves are the solution to your storage space woes!

Built-ins are permanent and run the gamut from bookshelves to reading nooks, loft-beds, and dressers. Yes, we said dressers.

Today’s post features how you can save and make space with four types of built-in shelving systems.

Read on and discover ways you can incorporate built-ins as part of your next remodeling project.

The Versatile Bookshelves

Whether you’ve always dreamed of a home library or want a space where you can display collectibles, built-in bookshelves work in almost any room of your home.

You can use bookshelves to turn a blank wall into a space making work of art by elevating the shelves and using a floor-to-ceiling design. If you install them in your home library, add a touch of class with a rolling library ladder.

For a sleek storage space solution in a living or family room, design your built-ins with a space for your flat-screen television. Store books horizontally for a clean and uniform presentation.

Bookshelves don’t have to hold books. Why not use shelves in a dining room where you devote the space to a monochrome display of pottery? Imagine using shelves as a display area for artwork back-lit by gallery-style lighting.

Maximize storage space with open shelving on top and closed storage on the bottom.

A Cozy Office Nook

Whether you tuck your office space in a spare closet or incorporate it into your kitchen space during a remodel, you can give yourself plenty of storage with a built-in desk, open shelving, and closed storage.

In the kitchen, go for a seamless look by matching your materials to already existing cabinetry. If you have enough space, the desk can pull double duty as a kitchen work area. Match the desktop to whatever countertops you’ve chosen for the rest of the kitchen.

Convert a small closet into a fantastic space-saving office by installing open shelving above a built-in desk with a cozy reading nook to the side. When you’re not working, everything will stay out of sight behind the closed door.

The Hidden Boudoir

Built-ins were a popular trend during the 1860’s New England Arts and Crafts era.

Imagine a wall of beautifully crafted doors that revealed drawers, closet space, and a dressing table when opened. Homeowners only had to close the doors when they needed more floor space.

If you’re not lucky enough to live in an Arts & Craft-style home, you can recreate these vintage storage solutions. Consider built-in dressers with plenty of storage and open shelving on top. You’ll add a touch of luxury and create a practical, space-saving storage solution.

You won’t have to worry about bulky dressers to clean around and bump into anymore! Built-in dressers and shelving make a bedroom feel larger, tidier, and more comfortable.

Solve the Guest Room Quandry

Not all homes come with a guest suite. If you enjoy having an overnight guest but don’t have the extra space, you can create a cozy sleeping space with storage included.

Consider one of these options for built-in shelving in a guest room:

Wall to Wall Shelving With A Murphy Bed

Building wall to wall shelves in a guest room provides a nook for a Murphy bed. Since the bed folds up when not in use, the guest room can also serve as an office or study. Shelves can hold everything needed to create a cozy retreat for guests.

Wall To Wall and Floor-To-Ceiling Shelving With A Trundle Bed

Take a tiny room and transform it into a reading nook or guest room. Install built-ins so that they sit floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall. Leave a space deep and wide enough to fit a trundle or day bed.

Shelving Below A Loft Bed 

Have a long hallway or small den? Tuck a loft bed with built-in shelves, drawer, and cabinet space into the space and top it off with a twin size mattress. It’s a mini-library, video gamer’s hangout, or a sleeping space for a young guest.

Do They Add Value?

One thing most homeowners consider when making home improvements is whether they add value to the home. Whether built-ins add value and how much depends on a range of factors, including:

  • Market conditions when you list your home
  • Key extras that buyers look for in your market
  • Quality of materials and workmanship

Added value also depends on where you live and what renovations and improvements other homes have. Anything that’s well-built that sets your home apart from others in your market should increase its value.

In the meantime, built-in shelves will add value to you because of the convenience they provide in your home.

Ready to Explore More Ideas for Built-In Shelves?

We’ve enjoyed sharing our ideas for ways you can maximize storage, save space, and add value to your home with built-in shelves. Whether you need space for storing books or displaying items precious to you, built-ins make an excellent addition to a living or dining space.

To maximize a small space for use as a home office, built-ins make wonderful workspace solutions. They can also provide your home with extra kitchen storage space.

In the bedroom, use built-ins not only for storage and display but as a frame for a sleeping area. You can design shelving to fit the size and style of a bed to fit children and adult guests.

If you’re ready to upgrade your living space with beautiful built-ins, contact us today for a free estimate.