The kitchen is the single most equity-driving renovation you could complete on your home. The ROI on a kitchen remodel is nearly 80%

That means if you spend $30K on the remodel, you’ll recoup $46,500 in added home value come sale time.

We have spent a lot of time in the bathroom lately, showing you our favorite modern bathroom design ideas and how to make your master bath your own. Well, now, we are bringing you our best kitchen renovation ideas.

Read on for our top 9 ways to update your kitchen for function and beauty.

Quartz Is Here to Stay

Countertop replacement lands on the top of most lists for a kitchen remodel ideas.

You may have dreamed of marble or granite counters since the ’90s, but that’s where they should stay. Not only do these natural stone counters require tons of maintenance, but the look is dated, and they’ll cost you a pretty penny.

Quartz countertops offer a more affordable solution. They don’t require sealing to be easy to maintain. You only need to use a quartz-specific cleaner and you’re good to go.

They also come in far more color choices than their raw stone counterparts. Quartz is a solid choice when it comes to your counters.

All White Is Not Alright

Your list of dream kitchen remodeling ideas may also include a kitchen as white as snow. But this trend is coming to a close.

Opt instead for an accent color that showcases your personality. Navy and green are adorning upscale kitchens nowadays. But you can even go bold with orange or teal if you want.

Let your creativity move you. Focus on these pops of color in the backsplash, cabinet faces, or island to avoid becoming overwhelmed with color.

Wallpaper Is Back

When you made your list of remodeling ideas in 2000, removing your wallpaper was on the list.

Well, wallpaper is back in a very real way. But we aren’t talking about your grandma’s wallpaper. These new patterns are whimsical, bold, and modern art statements.

They can be monochromatic or artistic. They are way easier to hang than ever before and can be removed in a cinch as well. Which means if you hate it in two years, you aren’t stuck like you used to be.

There are wallpaper designs now that rival fashion runways. Take a look in a wallpaper book; it’s an eye-opening experience.

Matte Is the New Modern

When considering cabinet remodel ideas, the finish isn’t the first thing to come to mind. Most of the time, the first thought is of color.

However, like nails, lipstick, and cars, matte is the finish of luxury.

You don’t have to limit the matte finish to the cabinets either. Everything in the kitchen can be matte and still be attractive. If you have always had a problem with shiny, now is your moment.

Be aware that matte shows wear much more readily than its glossy counterparts though. So you will find yourself touching up your components more often with a matte kitchen.

Monochromatic Textures

Updated kitchen ideas don’t just have to do with colors and finishes. One of the trendiest moments in home decor is the 3D textural elements you can add.

These wonderfully whimsical backsplashes offer an optical illusion of sorts. It’s like the waves of the ocean have joined you to make Osso Buco. Or the scalloped tail of a mermaid has aided in the creation of your island surround.

These 3D tiles are all the rage and offer a chic and sophisticated bit of fun to your modern kitchen.

The Range Is No Longer Just an Appliance, It’s a Work of Art

The appliances in a kitchen were once something you had to work around in design. The modern kitchen features appliances that are works of art, just like the counters and floor mosaic.

Ranges have become a serious focal point of a kitchen. With more folks cooking again, everyone wants those large chef’s ranges. You have six burners, a grill feature, and double ovens. 

And now, the hood, a once-forgotten piece of necessity, has become the statement piece of the entire room, gilded in rose gold or tarnished silver.

The sky is the limit on how ornate and decorative you’d like these pieces to be.

Your Sink Is Also a Statement

Sinks have come a long way since that one that could barely fit a plate in your first apartment. From deep country farmhouse sinks with wraparound fronts to copper hand-hammered beauties, sinks, like ranges, are now a focal point.

As you can tell from our remodeling gallery, the sinks are as unique as the people who use them.

Just another reason to always have the dishes done.

I Can See All Your Stuff, and I like It

Speaking of doing the dishes, what do you think of glass shelving? With the buildup of minimalism in modern design, more and more folks are opting for open glass shelving and ditching large cabinets.

Since owning less is in, you can keep it all out in the open. Fewer cabinets mean less room for clutter. It encourages you to keep your hoarding habits in check.

It also gives you a wonderful excuse to buy and showcase every brilliantly colored piece of Bauer Pottery you can get your hands on.

You’ve Been Benched, or Banquetted

As the family dinner resurges and people are cooking for themselves again, we once again need a space for the loved ones in our lives to assemble together to share a meal. 

While dedicated dining rooms are for the 1800s, an eat-in kitchen is better than ever. An eat-in kitchen with a built-in banquette? Even better.

Not only does it encourage everyone to buddy up and get close, but banquettes also offer additional storage. It’s also another place to showcase vibrant colors and patterns that speak to who you and your family are.

We Hope These Kitchen Renovation Ideas Have Sparked Inspiration

These kitchen renovation ideas are only the tip of the iceberg. Are you in Southern California? We want to help make your kitchen dreams realities!

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