The kitchen is often referred to as “the heart of a home”. And, it’s easy to see why.

Not only does the kitchen provide physical nourishment for your family, but it often provides nourishment for the soul as well. In addition to sharing meals, the kitchen a place where families come together to share conversation, laughter, and memories, too.

In our busy world, it may seem like the family kitchen isn’t as important as it once was. But statistics seem to suggest otherwise.

According to a study by ReportLinker, 98% of Americans prefer cooking at home to prepare a meal.

Despite our long list of options available for dining out, modern-day households are still drawn to the kitchen. It’s the one room every family member is likely to visit at some point throughout the day. 

Today’s ideal family kitchen is designed to keep pace with our changing needs. It maintains the warmth that still defines the kitchen as the heart of the home.

How to Design the Ideal Family Kitchen 

When designing a kitchen for modern-day families, there are a few things to keep in mind, like Marble, Granite, Or Quartz Countertops, or how to choose the right kitchen flooring materials. First and foremost, you need a space that’s versatile and roomy. But you don’t want to abandon a sense of a style either.

Here are the essential ingredients to create the perfect kitchen for today’s families.

1. Choose an Open Floor Plan 

One of the hottest trending home designs is an open floor plan that merges the kitchen with other areas, such as the dining or living room.

This type of floor plan allows whoever is in the kitchen cooking and preparing the meal to be included with what’s happening in the family room. Other family members can enjoy comfortable seating while they converse with the cook. And the cook won’t feel cramped for space or inconvenienced by a crowded kitchen.

An open floor plan also encourages busy families to maximize the time they spend at home by spending more time together.

2. Multipurpose Seating Areas

Include multipurpose seating areas, such as the island, bar, or breakfast nook.

A kitchen island doubles as a table for quick meals on the go. A breakfast nook provides a spot to enjoy a cup of morning coffee with your partner before rushing off to work.

If you choose a butcher block surface for your island, you can extend the potential uses even further. Likewise, you can choose bench seating for your breakfast nook and instantly increase your storage space.

3. Install a Message Board

A message board is a must for today’s hurried families. You can leave instructions for kids, notes to your partner, or reminders to yourself in one central location.

Instead of sticking notes haphazardly on the fridge or countertops, keep your kitchen looking neat with a permanent message board.

Just choose a blank space or section on the wall to serve the purpose. Then use chalkboard paint for an easy do-it-yourself weekend project that will come in handy all year long.

4. Opt For Easy-to-Clean Surfaces & Fabrics

Today’s families are often short on time, so anything that saves a minute here and there is a plus.

Easy-to-clean surfaces and fabrics do just that! Non-porous countertops and cabinets are quick to clean.

Washable slipcovers for chairs and cushions help everyone to feel at ease as well. You can clean up spills without worry by tossing slipcovers in the wash.

5. Stay Organized

Let’s face it. Organization is one of the most common challenges that today’s families face. But, with some strategic planning, it’s easy to keep things in their place and messes out of sight.

It helps to assign each family member their own “junk drawer”. Incorporate pretty labels for jars, shelves, and canisters to avoid mix-ups. 

Make the most of every inch by hanging plates and coffee mugs decoratively along walls and under cabinets. Installing hooks to hang your keys avoids a frantic rush-hour search. Also, for tiny kitchens, there are some really nice tips to optimize your kitchen space and storage.

Open shelving keeps everything within reach, while smart storage solutions make straightening up for guests seem effortless.

6. Clean Lines

Kitchens are known to collect clutter. Busy patterns or useless decor only add to the mess.

Instead, choose simple, neutral colors for accents and textures. Furnishings with clean lines mesh seamlessly with stainless steel appliances.

Save the ornate light fixtures for the dining room or foyer. 

Monochromatic hardware also helps to keep everything in line. Remember, minimalism is in!

If you crave a splash of color, limit color combinations. Sometimes, less is best. Bold color schemes aren’t necessarily a no-no as long as you don’t try to match too many contrasting patterns or hues.

You can insert decorative touches with washable placemats, napkins, slipcovers, and curtains.

Remember that it’s not a requirement of today’s fashion-forward trends. It can even take away from the layout and design if you overcrowd your kitchen with overlapping trends and color schemes, so beware! 

Achieve a Sleek, Modern Kitchen Style

If you haven’t noticed, the resounding theme for today’s kitchens is sleek lines, clean surfaces, and modern touches.

Just because it’s a family kitchen doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be modern and stylish. Believe it or not, it’s possible to accommodate the needs of your family with a modern kitchen remodeling Los Angeles while keeping with the current fashion trends, too.

Clean lines and easy-to-clean surfaces are what modern styles are all about. And they’re perfect qualities for a fashionable family space! You can see our latest kitchen remodeling projects in our portfolio, to get inspired for you d

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