Luxury spa-style bathrooms have been a design staple in Los Angeles since the year 2000. However, design styles may be in for a bit of a reboot. Here, we’ll look at the latest bathroom styles already making waves in 2020.

The Latest Bathroom Styles Still Focus on Luxury

As we all know, bathroom remodels are the hottest trend in home improvements. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom this year, it is important to know what design styles are in vogue. 

As well as improving home livability, the right bathroom can add significant market value to your property. This is important, as while modern minimalist bathroom designs are still popular, modern home buyers often show a preference for bathrooms with more of a luxurious finish.

Marble is Back

Marble has historically been a go-to material for use in luxury, high-end bathrooms. However, marble began to fall out of fashion in the late 1990s. Designers began pairing colorful marble tiles with gold bathroom fittings. The result was bathrooms that felt visually overpowering.

Now, marble is making a comeback, and it is doing so a lot less garishly.

Unconventional Marble

Everyone is familiar with the traditional color and texture of marble. However, 2020’s latest bathroom tile trends are seeing top bathroom designers increasingly use so-called ‘unconventional marble.’ 

Typically, unconventional marble has thinker, bolder veins, and tiles more resemble art installation pieces. This adds a powerfully distinctive look to bathrooms. Tiles can also be put to use in smaller bathrooms where using traditional marble can feel visually overwhelming.

Marbleized Wallpaper

Marbleized wallpaper is a wallpaper that features ultra-realistic marble patterns. A marble wallpaper mural also comes in at a fraction of the cost of real stone tiling. This makes using marble pattern wallpaper a fantastic way to achieve luxurious remodeling results on a budget.

Integrated Lighting 

Modern minimalist bathroom lovers have long been in love with integrated lighting. This is where bathroom lights integrate with vanities and architectural elements to make fixtures practically invisible.

Now in 2020, integrating light fixtures with bathroom fittings and fixtures, is becoming a must in larger luxury bathrooms. Doing so increases perceptions of space. At the same time, integrating lighting results in a fantastic ambiance and atmosphere. 

Frame Mirrors and Experiment with New Tiling Effects

Is the age of the full wall mirror finally over? 

Wall mirrors that span the breadth of bathrooms has been a go-to design choice for most of the past decade. However, many homeowners are once again opting for standalone framed mirrors.

Homeowners framing mirrors typically do so to complement other bathroom design elements. Frame styles will, therefore, usually match the color and style of bathroom fixtures and fittings. 

Needless to say, as full wall mirrors decline in popularity, something needs to fill up empty wall space. Marbleized wallpaper is one option. However, bathroom styles currently being celebrated by home designers, are often ones that experiment with new tiling effects.

  • High-quality marble and travertine tiles are the go-to tiling option for most contemporary luxury bathrooms.
  • Partial wall tiling is once again becoming popular, especially in modern minimalist bathroom redesigns.
  • Wood-look and large format tiles are proving hugely popular among homeowners looking for a more ‘earthy’ bathroom aesthetic.

The latest bathroom tile trends are also seeing a resurgence in mosaic tiling and shaped tiles. In both cases, it is also possible to reduce tiling costs by only partially tiling free wall space.

Incorporating the Latest Bathroom Styles into Your Next Remodel

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? If so, get help choosing a design that will add incredible value and livability. 

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