800 Remodeling in Los Angeles is a general contractor specializing in quality home renovations and remodeling services.  

Every year, we help hundreds of Los Angeles homeowners add value and extra livability to properties. However, people also approach us from time to time, to have us fix mistakes made by other local contractors.

Never Hire a General Contractor from Craigslist

At 800 Remodeling, we are more than happy to put right mistakes made by other general contractors. However, it is also the case that many mistakes are completely avoidable.

When problems with other contractors arise, they typically do so for one of three reasons.

  • Property owners who are on a tight budget hire a general contractor from places like Craigslist.
  • Occasionally, property owners hire a general contracting firm that isn’t fully licensed or bonded.
  • General contractors without necessary qualifications are given opportunities by people willing to help them get a foot on the career ladder.

It can happen to anyone. You urgently require help fixing a few roof tiles or finishing your basement. Then, someone you know and trust tells you how easy it was working with a general contractor who has a listing on Craigslist.

At first, things seem like they are looking up. The contractor you hire seems friendly and professional. However, the minute something goes wrong, everything changes.

Only Ever Hire a General Contractor Who is Fully Licensed and Bonded

Why things go wrong with Craigslist contractors is simple. Many have the best intentions. Some even have years of remodeling and general contractor experience. In almost all cases, though, none will have an up to date contractor’s license bond.

A contractor’s license bond ensures that if you suffer financial losses as a result of a contractor acting unlawfully, you will receive compensation. Without this, you as a consumer have no legal right to compensation. 

Thankfully, there aren’t as many fly-by-night contractors on Craigslist as there once was. However, consumers also have to remain vigilant when hiring (supposedly) more reputable contractors.

Understanding the Difference Between a Bond and Liability Insurance

In Los Angeles and California overall, 95% of registered contractors like ourselves are licensed and bonded. However, being bonded isn’t mandatory. 

Some contractors who are not bonded divert attention away from this by emphasizing that they are fully insured. In most cases, though, this only means that a contractor has full liability insurance. 

Liability insurance itself covers contractors in the event that someone comes to physical harm as a result of their actions. What it does not cover is financial distress to contractor clients as a result of accidental property damage, etc.

Luckily, 800 Remodeling is Fully licensed, insured and bonded with all liabilities and worker compensations.

Always Stay Safe

The easiest way to stay safe when hiring a general contractor is to always check their credentials and insurance details. If a contractor can’t provide proof of a contractor’s license bond, you will be taking a risk hiring them. If you need more information, you can read here more.

Thankfully, at 800 Remodeling, we are more than happy for you to check our credentials. This being the case, if you require help with an upcoming remodel or renovation, make sure to get in touch.