To remodel your kitchen in LA might seem like an expensive task. Los Angeles is a nice area and you may be thinking that you’ll need a lot of money to get your kitchen to look the way you’d like it to. However, remodeling your kitchen doesn’t have to result in an empty bank account.

There are ways to go about it that’ll give you the results you want without having to spend more than you’d like. You can create the kitchen of your dreams on a budget by reading our guide below. Here’s everything you need to know about remodeling your kitchen in LA on a budget!

Always Start with a Plan

Before starting any project, you need to have a plan. If you’re wanting to do a full remodel, then you’ll want to hire professionals to help you create the design plan. Even if you’re wanting to save money on the renovation, this is not the place to cut back on expenses.

Hiring a design team could actually help you save money in the long run. Professional designers will know how to create a beautiful kitchen while saving money. They’ll know where money needs to be spent and where it can be saved. 

Professionals will also keep you from making any costly mistakes as well. 

Who to Hire

Do your research to ensure that you hire a team that’s professional and reputable. Check online for reviews and ask the team for a list of references. Once you receive the list of references, be sure to give them all a call. 

You’ll then want to check for contractor licenses and insurance as well. Choose to hire a team that checks off all of these requirements. 

What to Remodel 

You should then begin to create a list of all of the things that you want to be remodeled in your kitchen. Start the list off with the most important things, working your way down to the least important. This will make decision making easier if there’s something that you’ll have to leave as is to stay in budget.

You should also consider picking out your favorite tiles, countertops, hardware, and anything else that is you want. Doing so before the renovation starts ensure that everything will be there on time. If you wait until the actual remodel to decide on specific items, you might not have them right away. 

Consider Keeping What You Can

When wanting to complete a remodel on a budget in LA, try to keep what you can from your old kitchen. Many items can be redone and made to look brand new. If you hire the right team, you won’t even be able to tell that most of your kitchen is all your old pieces. 

Here are some things to consider keeping instead of replacing. 

Repaint Cabinets

Rather than replacing cabinets in your kitchen, repaint them instead. If your kitchen cabinets are so old that they’re beyond fixing up, then you might have no other option than to replace them. However, if they’re simply old and outdated but in good shape, don’t hesitate to paint over them.

When repainting your old cabinets, you will need to wash them, prime them, and then paint them. Going with a bright white paint is a great option as white generally looks great on older cabinets, making them look brand new. After repainting, consider replacing the old hardware for updated pieces. 

This is all you need to give your old cabinets life again. 

Remove or Replace Cabinet Doors

Another option that you have is to remove or replace cabinet doors. This could be a good option for you if you don’t like the look of the cabinet doors and don’t want to repaint them. The entire cabinet, however, does not have to be removed.

Instead, replace your old cabinet doors with glass cabinet doors. This also helps make your kitchen look a lot bigger than it is, as long as you keep dishes and glassware well organized. You could also opt to remove the doors altogether. 

Doorless cabinets are in style and another great option for you. 

Use of Lighting Techniques

Simple lighting techniques can completely transform a kitchen. Rather than spending loads of money knocking down walls to get the space you want, consider adding more lighting. Proper lighting will make a small kitchen feel much bigger without the cost. 

Here are some wonderful lighting options for you.

Natural Light

Letting in as much natural light as possible is one brilliant way to transform your kitchen space. If you can add more windows to your kitchen, do so. If you have something blocking your current windows, then rearrange some things. 

Always allow as much natural light as possible to enter your kitchen. It’s a cheap way to make it feel bigger. 

Lighting Details

Aside from natural lighting, you can add lighting details around the kitchen as well. Under-cabinet lighting is one option that you have. This is cheap and will add a lot of elegance to your kitchen. 

You can also include stylish pendant lighting around your kitchen as well. And don’t forget to use bright overhead lighting as the kitchen’s main light source.   

Remodel Your Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank!

It’s possible to remodel your kitchen in LA without breaking the bank as long as you follow these simple tips listed above. Speaking with a remodeling team is the first step to take as the professionals will know where to spend and where to save to help you stay on budget. 

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