Did you know that bathroom remodeling often give returns of over 100% on the investment? Bathroom remodeling contractors are the best source of information when it comes to major bathroom remodels.

Putting a plan into action for a complete stunning bathroom remodeling starts with a great idea. If you need some inspiration, then this is the guide for you. With our breadth of experience and research, we can tell you what’s trending in renovations.

Take these suggestions and start looking at what works best for your home’s bathrooms. 

Featured or Discreet Toilet

The beginning stages of your Stunning bathroom remodeling should revolve around your fixtures. The toilet doesn’t need replacement, you could simply take it out of the picture. A simple divider wall will do the trick.

On the other hand, you could opt for a completely new and modern toilet. Look at some pictures of modern, contemporary bathroom aesthetics. Notice how the toilet is either changed with edges or raised.

Talk about redefining the look of the porcelain throne.

Nail the Textures and Trims

Your bathroom’s color theme is anything you want, as long as you’re using proper color theory. The real challenge is how to make an impression using accents and textures. Will you go with bronzes or coppers? Are you considering traditional tiles or textured cement?

There are a number of options out there to choose from for minimalism, industrial, natural stone, and more. Porcelain tiles are excellent at mimicking luxurious quartz or traditional glossy mosaics. Remember to contrast these surfaces with strong fixtures, furniture, cabinetry, and artwork to create a truly stunning bathroom remodeling.

Bathroom Remodeling Create Shower Experiences

The shower is where you can really redefine your bathroom space. Upgrade the shower head itself with either a dual detachable system or a wide waterfall-style. Both of these changes the way you shower in a big way.

The drain should also receive attention, especially if you’re increasing water flow. Custom-made shower drains add a new layer of luxury to your bathroom. The wide metal grates are an upgrade in both the aesthetics and functionality of the shower.

Last, but not least, consider a doorless shower stall design. These open-ended showers allow more air circulation and feel natural stepping into. Privacy concerns are easily remedied with a temporary shower curtain.

Use Less Water With Energy Efficient Bathroom Remodeling

Increasing efficiency and lowering the water bill is always a nice bonus for a remodel project. You can achieve this by switching to water-saving faucets, toilets, and showers. Low-flow showerheads don’t mean you have to sacrifice pressure, either.

Look for high-end bathroom fixtures that retain pressure while reducing the flow rate. They cost a bit more, but the savings come in the future when your bill is $5-10 lower. An experienced contractor can help source more affordable options than what you see at big box stores.

Upgrade the Vanity With Your Bathroom Remodeling

It all comes down to the type of countertop space you need. A good minimalist vanity can mount up on the wall, with the counter offering plenty of space around the sink. Double-sinks aren’t really in style anymore, as many couples prefer more counter space.

This also means no additional cost going towards plumbing for the second sink. Use that extra money to treat yourself with luxurious synthetic quartz or marble counter. Raised vanity mirrors are the hot ticket, just don’t forget to incorporate lots of light. 

Lighting and Air Quality Throughout Your Bathroom Remodeling

Most bathrooms fail these two categories. You can have all the pretty and luxurious materials in the world, and still not feel welcoming. This is due to poor planning for light and ventilation. 

Your bathroom should be bright, but not too bright. It’s best to offer options for adjusting your bathroom’s light based on natural light. Recessed lights, wall lights, and accent lights are good.

Have at least one light that is used to illuminate the area around the vanity. This will reduce the level of glare and harsh shadows. Trust us, the women of the house will notice the difference when getting ready and taking selfies for a night out on the town.

When it comes to ventilation, you must have a ducted fan that can push 100 cubic feet per minute. This will help control humidity levels in your bathroom and eliminate any toilet odors in a hurry. 

Creative Storage Solutions

Bathroom storage is often a premium, so you need to get creative on maximizing and hiding it. When your standard cabinet space and linen closet aren’t enough, you have to think vertically. Bathrooms contain a lot of unused vertical space.

Install some high wall shelving platforms. These are great for near-entrance placement, where most people will walk by without noticing. The extra shelves are great for storing extra supplies, appliances, or small toiletries.

If you’re going the raised route for sink and toilet replacements, try not to use this space. It sort of defeats the purpose of choosing that aesthetic if you clutter it underneath. 

Assemble Your Bathroom Remodeling Team

Now that you have a few core Stunning bathroom remodeling ideas, it’s time to start planning. Brainstorm everything you want to have in your new bathroom. Then, research the materials and products to make it happen.

If you’re worried about the size of the project and all the work involved, we’ve got you covered. We have decades of experience under our belt at 800-Remodeling. Doing an entire bathroom remodeling job is tough by yourself.

We’re here to guide you through the process and give you an honest deal on making your dream bathroom aesthetic a reality. Our work speaks for itself, but if you’d like to know more about our services, contact us here.

Get a free estimate today and we’ll walk you through, step-by-step on how we will remodel your bathroom.