L.A is a leader in all things creative: the arts, entertainment, and design. Whether you are thinking of selling your home or you simply want to keep up with the latest fashion, if you live in the City of Angels you need to stay up on the hot trends in interior decorating.

You don’t have to redo your entire home in order to look fresh and modern. You can renovate a single room, or update a single feature to reinvigorate the whole atmosphere.  

Here are ten of the most popular interior design trends we are seeing in Southern California this year. 

1. Glass Walls 

Glass walls have been a hot trend in bathrooms for a few seasons now, and they are being adopted in other areas of the house as well. Clear walls give every room an expansive and open feel.

Glass walls are great at blurring the distinction between indoor and outdoor. If you have an incredible view, why not make that window a full wall so you can feel like you are literally sitting on top of the world?

Inside, glass walls that fold or slide away are also helpful in creating flexibility. You can have a great room for big parties, or use the divider for smaller, more intimate gatherings. 

2. Signature Bathtubs 

You do not have to go away anymore to a fancy resort or spa to indulge in a luxurious bubble bath. Why not freshen up your current bathroom with an extra large soaking tub? 

There are stunning copper models available, or old fashioned claw-footed ones. 

Remodeling your bathroom is one of the most reliable investments you can make in your home, plus you get to enjoy it daily. Why not spiff up the most important room in the house? 

3. Dark Tones 

One trend we are seeing a lot of this year is dark hues. People are choosing deep greens and blues for the paint in their living rooms and dining rooms.

Kitchens are moving away from the stark white variations to warmer, homier tones with dark tile and cabinets. Black is even a popular color now for kitchens this year! 

These dark colors make for an eye-catching redesign for your kitchen, emphasizing warmth and coziness with an up-to-date twist. 

4. Sustainability 

Sustainability is of growing importance to many home builders. They want their home to be built with sustainable materials and to function in a green, environmentally friendly way.

You may also be concerned that the fabrics and products you purchase for your home have been ethically sourced and Fair Trade Certified.™ Luckily, there are many designers and contractors in the Los Angeles area who can help you make sure your home not only looks good but has a reduced carbon footprint and is helping the planet. 

5. Intricate Tiling 

Subway tiles were super hot for a while, so now the pendulum is swinging back. The latest in tile is favoring a more elaborate, colorful approach.

Moroccan and Italian tiles with intricate patterns and designs make a splash in kitchens and bathrooms. Some people are even combining colorful tiles with contrasting grout for a striking look. 

In addition to a remarkable backsplash in your open-air kitchen (see #7), you can even use tiles for the floor for a cool, stylish look in your dining room. Why should such pieces of art be relegated to the bathroom? 

6. Dog Showers 

Mudrooms are where the kids dump their shoes and the dogs shake their wet fur. However, sometimes these creatures-  human and otherwise-  need some extra help getting clean before they trample through the rest of the house.

One hot new trend is the addition of a small “dog shower” near the backdoor or mudroom. You can hose down Rover after a romp in the spring mud and prevent him from tracking dirt through the house.

This is a nice option for beach houses as well, letting everyone rinse off the sand from their tootsies before going further into your castle. 

7. Open Air Kitchens 

In keeping with the glass door theme and the urge to be one with nature, many homeowners are bringing the outdoors in by loosening the boundaries between the backyard and the house.

Why not knock out that wall in the kitchen and replace it with a glass or sliding door which will let the sunshine in? Especially in California where the weather is nice all year round, you can dine al fresco while staying in the dining room if one nearby wall opens to the great beyond. 

8. Smart Homes 

Program the coffee pot to turn on for breakfast before you even get home. Check in on the kids and the pets to make sure everyone is behaving properly. Watch who comes to your door during the day when no one is home.

Technology is making miraculous strides in smart homes this year, allowing you to keep an eye on your abode and providing a new convenience that allows you to spend time on the things that really matter.

9. Four Poster Beds 

Four poster beds make you feel safe and protected, so no wonder they have exploded in popularity in these uncertain times. Whether you choose an old fashioned brass model or a modern geometric frame, you will sleep like a queen in these fabulous options.

Many variations reflect the clean, Japanese aesthetic that is enduringly popular in the Southern California area.

10. Wallpaper 

Everything old is new again, and even styles that once seemed dated can come back into mode. Wallpaper is one such example.

Improved with such innovations as instant adhesive backing, the new trend in wallpaper is towards bold prints. Discerning decorators are choosing wild floral prints, paisley patterns and dramatic abstract designs for one or more rooms in a home for a real jolt of color and excitement. 

Interior Design Trends: Stay Ahead of the Curve 

It is not hard to keep your home in style, no matter what your scope of work or budget. You can knock out a wall or redo an entire bathroom for a big splash. Or you can select one item to replace or upgrade, and get a similar bang for the buck.

For more ideas on the latest in interior design trends and how to make them a reality, check out our blog