The phrase ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ has become part of American culture. Nobody wants to be thought of as less-than, so sometimes we feel like we need to save face and appear sophisticated.

Perhaps it’s not about appearance at all, though. Maybe you really do enjoy the finer things, or maybe you’re just bored with the same old stuff.

Regardless of what your reasons are, you may be looking to remodel your home. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the bathroom.

We’ll give you a few tips on how to give your home a fancy bathroom in the paragraphs below.

1. Lights

You’d be amazed what you can do by just switching up the lights in a room. There isn’t any limit on what you can do, just as long as you change it.

You could use bar lights or a chandelier. You may even just try putting in colored lights, though it’s best not to overdo it. In most cases, it’s best to focus on soft lights.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors are yet another small step that can go a long way. As with lights, people have done any number of things with them, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

That being said, switching things up is never a bad idea. Maybe you want to change the shape of your bathroom mirrors, or do something new with the trim. You could even opt for a few smaller mirrors instead of one big one. 

3. Vanities and Storage

Clutter is one of the fastest ways to ruin the appeal of a room. As with anything else, the colors of a vanity should match well with the rest of the room.

Matching colors are ingrained into our psychology. Colors often inspire emotions, which might be why we’re so uncomfortable with colors that don’t match.

However, vanities aren’t the only way to store things, and this is where creativity can come into play yet again. A well-placed shelf or basket will help to de-clutter the space.

Having more space in the room makes it seem bigger, which helps to make the room more attractive.

4. Color

Among the simpler tricks for adding sophistication to any room is to limit yourself to one primary color. A room that mixes one primary color with secondary colors has a softer, more understated feeling to it, which adds to the sophistication.

We’ve already mentioned that different colors contribute to different emotions. Red, for instance, is associated with excitement, love, and anger. While these are all useful emotions, the bathroom is probably not the place for them.

Black is also not a good color for a bathroom. While it does give the impression of money and good taste–hence tuxedos–it also inspires sadness and fear.

Pink and blue help to inspire positive emotions, like sophistication, honesty, and  masculine or feminine atmospheres. whatever you choose, go with lighter colors. They tend to make the room feel more spaceous.

Sometimes, if you want a fancy bathroom, your best option may be to just paint it.

5. Flooring

The first rule of flooring in a bathroom is to not use carpet. Putting any material prone to molding in a room with plumbing is never a good idea.

Still, that leaves a lot of options to choose from. Any option could work. It all depends on preference and the atmosphere you’re going for. For instance, if you’re using a lot of plants and going with a natural or exotic feel, stone floors might be the best option.

Stone might clash with something more modern or retro, but tile, or linoleum should work.

It should also be said that while carpet is a bad idea, a rug can add a lot to a room if it’s placed well and fits the theme.

6. Art and Decorations

Art can help to liven up any room, but the same rules go with art as with anything else. It has to fit. A painting by Pieter Bruegel, for example, is going to clash with a modern or retro bathroom.

Even if it’s not an art piece, a bit of decor can liven the place up quite a bit. This can include anything from rugs, to special types of towels or shower curtains. Anything you want to add a touch of flair to is fair game.

7 Fixtures

If you want, you can even replace the plumbing fixtures themselves, or put in new accessories. Maybe the knobs on the sink don’t quite fit with the look you’re going for.

You could also change around the bath or shower. Some prefer to move the toilet around so it doesn’t draw as much attention.

When making changes on this scale, it’s always best to go with a contractor. They know what they’re doing, and people are figuring that out now more than ever. Contracting businesses are growing in many places, including Los Angeles.

Tips for Creating a Fancy Bathroom

Many of us want a fancy bathroom, and there are any number of ways to make it happen. You can change around everything from art and flooring to light and color. There really is no limit.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t go into detail about everything, and some ideas we couldn’t even put on the list. If you’re interested, though, we encourage you to do more research on your own.

If you want to know more about remodeling or contracting services in the city of Los Angeles, please visit our site. Maybe you’re interested in remodeling the kitchen as well. We can give you some advice. Contact us today to get started.