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No matter if you have a single bathroom, multiple bathrooms, or a bathroom to go with every bedroom in your home, there comes a time where you’ll be interested in a bathroom remodeling Los Angeles project. Whether you just interested in rehabilitating or renovating your bathroom, we will help to turn your old bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams. We specialize in any kind of Bathroom remodel!

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How We Can Help With your Bathroom Remodeling

At 800Remodeling, we offer a comprehensive bathroom remodel service that covers the entire process from start to finish. We’ll work with you to ensure that you’re happy with your project before we even lay the first tile. When it comes to your bathroom, it can certainly be a stressful process – especially if your home is limited to only one bathroom. For that very reason, we’re here to make your remodeling project stress free by keeping you in the loop and on the same page with your project manager.

The Right Bathroom For You

We understand that no two bathrooms are ever the same, and why should they be? After all, your master bath should be different from your water closet, and your guest bathroom should stand alone from your master bath, right? At 800Remodeling, whether you’re looking to update your guest bathroom, build a new water closet, update your bathroom floor or create your very own master suite or small bathroom, you can rest assured knowing that 800Remodeling can always recommend the right services for the right project.

Customizable Bathroom Remodeling & Design

We strive to custom built, remodel and design each bathroom to the homeowner needs, preference and style. Not only we’re able to follow the hottest trends and relevant ones, we also make new trends. 

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Customer Satisfaction​

Our customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities. We strive to meet all of our clients needs and preferences. Not only that each project of 800 Remodeling is escorted by a professional project manager that helps to sort new ideas, break down prices and even help with financing, our dedicated customer service will make sure that you get exactly what you want.

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Bathroom Remodeling Is a Huge Benefit For your Home

Transforming your bathroom

with 800Remodeling can provide you with a brand new bathroom space with up to date plumbing fixtures, a relaxing atmosphere, and all new tile, toilets, tubs, and much more. Besides that, it can even add value to your home! So, with all of these amazing benefits, bathroom remodel is always well worth the time and money.

When Is The Perfect Time To Remodel?

When it comes to bathrooms, one can never be sure exactly when the right moment may be. Is there really a right moment? At 800Remodeling, we like to believe that the right moment only arrives when you’ve taken a long hard look at your bathroom and come to the conclusion that you no longer feel comfortable in it; it no longer inspires that pure sense of relaxation and luxury that bathrooms should inspire, and it certainly isn’t nearly as bright, clean, and as updated as it should be.

Stunning White Bathroom

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Once you’ve reached those conclusions, it may very well be time to contact our team here at 800Remodeling to schedule your next bathroom remodeling project. As the premier Los Angeles general construction company, we can provide you with customized services that will make you feel comfortable in your private space again.

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Our Recent Projects

800 Remodeling Is Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

A-Z Project Compilation, Never Cutting Corners.

When it comes to home renovations projects, no one knows better than 800Remodeling. We know just how much your home means to you; we understand just how valuable your spaces are to you and your family, and we want to help you regain that sense of relaxation and luxury that every bathroom should give off with a custom remodeling project.

Dedicated Bathroom Remodeling Project Managers

Our project managers are always transparent with our clients and always work with them to outline all bathroom remodel projects costs before we begin. So that our clients can plan accordingly, choose the right financing option, and have the opportunity to see their dream bathroom come to life in outstanding clarity, with exceptional quality work, and with steadfast customer service. When you reach out to us, you’ll be paired with a dedicated project manager who will walk you through every step of the process. Our personable project managers provide exceptional customer service to ensure your satisfaction with every job. And don’t forget, we always complete each of our jobs on time, clean, and on budget.

Our Clients Loves Our Bathroom Remodeling

Take a look at some of our most recent reviews on Yelp and Google to see just how happy our clients have been with our bathroom remodeling services in Los Angeles. You can have the very same opportunity to remodel your bathroom as soon as you’re ready to make the commitment.
So, if you’re looking to remodel your current bathroom, or expand and create a stunning master ensuite, contact 800Remodeling today to schedule a free consultation and estimate for your bathroom remodeling project.


As is the case with all home improvement projects, it is difficult to provide an average cost for bathroom remodeling. Each project and any home remodel project is unique in the preferences of clients, the materials used, the square footage, and the types of fixtures and appliances installed. Depending on how extensive the project is, whether we’re remodeling an existing space or building a new one, and the desired completion date/project timeline, we would be able to provide you with a more accurate cost estimate after you consult with your project manager.

Remodeling your bathroom isn’t just about new features; it’s about bringing that sense of luxury and relaxation back into your home. Brightening up the space with bright and shiny tile, waterproof flooring that works to repel water and make your space cleaner, and sleek new toilets, tubs, and vanities that allow you to make the most of your space are among some of the most important benefits that come along with a bathroom remodel. Besides that, bathroom remodel increases your home value.

Remodeling a bathroom can take anywhere from a number of days to a number of weeks. A project timeframe is dependent upon a number of different factors that include the extensiveness of the project, the space itself, accessibility, materials used, material availability, remodel ideas, and any unforeseen circumstances that need to be remedied before we are able to move forward or move on during a project.

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