Adding a room to your home can bring about an ROI of more than 60 percent depending on the type of work that you get, and most certainly, your room addition contractor.

However, it’s not just enough to get a room addition, you also need to brainstorm, research, and take your time to bring in the right contractor for the job. Once you are ready to bring in a room addition contractor, you will get far more value from it since you did your homework on the front end. 

Follow these 3 Surprising Tips To Prepare For A Room Addition Contractor to optimize this process, and in the end, get the best work possible from your room addition. 

1. Open a Document and Brainstorm Every Dream Scenario and Possibility For Your Room Addition

Getting a professional room addition contractor will involve a lot of planning, research, and math — but first, it’s dream time.

Literally, open up a blank document and take some time to map out every potential item or vision you have for your room addition, leaving nothing off-limits.

By starting from this perspective, you can get out all the ideas and make them plain before you begin fine-tuning them and figuring out what is important and what is possible.

For instance, you might start by knowing you need a room addition so you can plan for a baby that is on the way. However, when you think of all the possibilities, you can plan for future evolutions the room might take on over the years.

Think about the room addition from a lifestyle perspective first, and the rest will fall into place.

2. Consider the Work Involved and the Lifestyle Changes You’ll Incur

After you brainstorm the room addition, you need to start getting logistical when it comes to the details.

Anytime you’re adding to the home you currently live in, it will create temporary changes and obstacles that you need to get used to. Your home will be an eyesore for a little while and you may not have access to important parts of it.

You may need to make reschedule your days and weeks to account for the construction. The way that you go about this depends entirely on your own lifestyle and preference.

From there, you can look into shifting your lifestyle, temporary housing, which time of the year you’d like to get the work done, and other important factors.

Your room addition contractor can easily help by customizing the work schedule base on your preferences. Although, Sometimes scheduling cannot be dynamic.

3. Learn About the Benefits of a Room Addition and Plan it to Your Advantage

Before getting specific about your room addition and going over the details with a contractor, you should also learn about these benefits in general.

For example, adding square footage to your home immediately improves its property value. This is important when it comes to building a nest egg for your portfolio and is a huge advancement if you know that flipping the house is in your future.

It also brings far more functionality to your household, which can change your life in a number of ways. Once you figure out how a room addition will benefit you most, you can begin planning it out accordingly.

For example, if you know ahead of time that the room addition is to create more home office space, this will inform the way you position the room, the amount of natural lighting you create and what tech features you include.

4. Research the Cost and Figure Out How Much You Can Afford

Getting a room addition will always boil down to dollars and cents. The more you know about the cost on the front end, the easier it will be to plan it out the rest.

After getting a clear idea of what it will cost, you can look at your own budget and figure out how much you can afford. In doing this, you should also take a glimpse at your credit score.

Your credit score will be important when it comes time to find financing for your room addition. Though many room addition contractors do offer financing, you will also want to check with your bank or credit union well in advance so you can make sure you get the best deal.

5. Call Up Some Contractors and Pick Their Brains as you Do Your Preliminary Research

Put together a list of the best contractors in your city so you can start feeling them out and getting advice. 

Many people don’t call up a room addition contractor until they’re ready to get the work done. This only puts more pressure on the situation and doesn’t allow you to get the full value out of the hire. 

By talking to a contractor when you are months or even years from getting the work done, you will feel zero pressure to add things that you don’t need, can get unbiased advice since landing a sale is no longer an option and will optimize your research. 

In doing this, you’ll be better able to determine how much extra square footage is optimal for you, and can also begin to gather estimates. What’s more, talking to different contractors this early helps you get a better feel for which contractors you want to work with. 

Reach Out to a Room Addition Contractor Near You

So what are you waiting for? If a room addition is something that you’ve dreamed of, start putting these tips to action. This way, you’ll be prepared when it’s time to talk to a room addition contractor. 

We’re here when you’re ready. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate on your room addition!