The White House has 35 fully-equipped bathrooms.

That’s a lot of bathrooms for a single house. But, given that it has 132 rooms and has visitors almost all-year-round, it deserves that many bathrooms.

While the rest of the 34 bathrooms in the White House can be of a similar design, the master bathroom is likely tweaked to the taste of the incumbent president.

Luckily, you don’t have to be President of the United States to have your master bathroom designed exactly the way you want.

These master bathroom ideas will inspire you to remodel this crucial area of the house in a way that makes you proud to spend time there.

The ideas are as follows:

1. Museum-Quality Maximalism

If you’re in for a grand bathroom, then the museum-quality maximalism approach is perfect for your master bathroom. The whole bathroom adopts designs and themes from different ages with pieces from the Napoleon era, the Italian Renaissance, the Roman Empire and other notable historical periods.

This bathroom design can even have a statue from your favorite historical character to complete the look. Imagine life-size replica of David by Michelangelo in your master bathroom!

2. The Contemporary Master Bathroom

The modern master bath design entails a master stone slab freestanding bathtub coupled with flat-panel cabinets in white and walls in different colors.

The idea behind this modern design is to have a bathroom that doesn’t have a lot of features but the available ones are of the best quality. If you decide to go for this design, ensure you get the best of everything and in matching colors. Most people go for a white theme since it looks majestic and royal.

3. White Shaker Style

This is another minimalist style in which employs a white theme from the ceiling all the way to the tiles and everything in the bathroom.

The most preferred materials for this theme are white marble and porcelain which finds use in the tiles, the bathtub, the cabinet tops, and walls.

You can choose to add in some other color or finish such as gold-yellow rims and others. With the right bathroom remodeling partner, your bathroom will have a kingly look each time you step in.

4. Inground master bathroom Tub

This design aims at giving you the most unobtrusive look for your bathroom available. The trick is to have a few parts of the bathroom jutting out as possible.

For instance, the bathroom is dug within the ground to offer a clean look for the floor. The cabinets are made such that they appear as part of the wall when pushed in.

Attaining this design is a bit difficult and will require a total redesign of the common master bathroom.

5. Margarette Ave

If you prefer having multiple colors but all laid back, them a gray theme will do good for your .

For this design, you will have a transitional master white tile for the marble floor, dark gray cabinets, light gray walls, and a light gray ceiling. The top of the cabinets gets finished off with tiles of a light gray color or a dark gray one to match the drawers and cabinets.

This design gives you the freedom to choose whatever shape or size of the items you add in the bathroom.

6. Native American Theme

With Navajo rugs and other items from the Native American people, your bathroom attains a unique look that can’t be easily replicated elsewhere.

This design requires setup from the time you’re building your bathroom to the last finish. For instance, rather than a typical ceiling covering the roof, this design has a preference for wooden roofing beams that are properly polished.

The stools, cabinets and even the frames of the mirrors all adopt a Native American look for this design. The bathtub gets feet or a base in the form of Native American stools and other pieces of furniture.

7. Scandinavian Boho

For those who love their bathrooms to have a family-friendly look in an epic theme, it’s hard finding a design that beats the Scandinavian boho.

This design requires wall-covering mirrors with the cabinets covered on top by dark gray marble. The wooden parts of the bathroom don’t get colored. Rather, the clear varnish is applied to give off woody and natural look in all areas.

The rest of the pieces should be done to match the cabinets and the floor covered with Scandinavian rugs and carpets.

8. Master Terrace

If the area next to your master bathroom is scenic yet private enough, nothing beats the master terrace bathroom design.

With this design, the outside part of the bathroom needs a terrace that lets in light and offers a view of the surrounding area. For this side, you will need ceiling-to-floor glass panels to allow in as much light as possible.

The rest of the bathroom should adopt a minimalists look with a freestanding bathtub favored over other designs. To further amplify the natural light, go for bright colors which reflect the light around the room.

9. Summer-Themed Bathroom

The summer-themed bathroom design borrows the many aspects of the summer from the tropical scenery to animals and plants. For the wall tiles, go for one depicting the summer ideas such as paintings of plants or animals. Ensure the one installing the tiles focuses on the continuity of the pictures.

Add framed pictures of animals and plants in various parts of the wall. Also, add actual plants in the bathroom especially flowers on the cabinets and money plants in the corner.

The furniture should get the same theme with the lime color is the most used. You can also decide to simply apply clear varnish on the wooden furniture to retain the natural look.

Use These Master Bathroom Ideas Today

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