Americans spend an exorbitant amount of money remodeling their homes each year. It is estimated that the home remodeling industry was worth $394 billion in 2018.   

Home remodeling doesn’t seem to be slowing, either. 2019’s first quarter reports are encouraging. The Remodeling Marketing Index shows numbers well above average. Americans are spending twice as much on remodeling projects as they were 10 years ago.

If you’re considering remodeling your home, adding on a room is one of the best projects you can undertake. Room additions are great for your home’s resale potential. They also let you customize your space any way you like.

Here’s your guide to room additions in L.A.

Room Additions 101: All You Need To Know

Adding a room to your house is a great and easy way to increase your home’s resale value and square footage at the same time. When it’s handled correctly, that is.

Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding if room addition projects are right for you.

How Room Additions Can Add Value To Your Home

Bigger is going to be better, for the most part, when it comes to houses. People are going to spend more on larger homes, for a wide variety of reasons. Maybe they’re looking to start a family or further their career with a nice office.

A room addition does not immediately result in an ROI, however. There’s a bit more to it than that.

If you’re considering a room expansion project to add to your home’s resale value, you’ll need to do some research. Start off by walking around your neighborhood and seeing what the other houses look like.

While you want your home to have curb appeal, to entice buyers, you also don’t want to make it stand out like a sore thumb.

You need to get into the habit of thinking like a home buyer, as well. A room addition that brings value to your life doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a selling point for others. Specialized rooms such as a recording studio offer some of the worst ROI of any home renovation project.

The best room additions for ROI include:

  • Two-story addition (83% ROI)
  • Adding a bathroom (81% ROI)
  • Family room addition (74% ROI)
  • Attic bedroom (73% ROI)

How Much Do Room Additions Cost In L.A.?

Room additions are custom designs by their very nature. That means there’s no set figure to determine how much adding a room to your house is going to cost.

 If you’re adding a kitchen or bathroom, you’ll need to factor in the cost of installing infrastructure, as well.

Running plumbing and electrical can get quite expensive. The final cost will be determined by the quality of the building materials you choose. Obviously, the better the quality materials you get, the better it will be for your home’s resale value.

Second story additions are also notoriously expensive, as well. The additional work of getting building materials to the second floor increases the cost quite a bit. Your home will need to be readied to accommodate the second story, as well.

This means you may need to reinforce the foundation of your house. External walls may need to be strengthened, as well, to handle the extra weight.

You’ll most likely need to build a staircase to the second floor, too. Make sure you factor that into your rebuilding budget when you’re planning your project.

Other factors that can impact how much your renovation costs include:

  • Demolition work
  • Site.preparation
  • Pouring or reinforcing the foundation
  • Building fees
  • Room furnishings

Now that we’ve considered why you should consider a room addition, here are some ideas to help you get inspired.

Types Of Room Additions

The sky is the limit when it comes to adding a room to your house. That’s one of the greatest joys of commissioning a custom construction project.

Here are a few common types of room additions to consider.

The Standard

A standard room addition is simply adding a room to the existing structure of your house. Usually, it looks like a structure sticking out from the original construction.

A standard room addition is one of the easiest building projects to undertake. They can look slightly strange at times, however, if the room’s not integrated with the existing architecture.

Unique Shapes

Uniquely-shaped rooms are quite popular in different regions of the country. Areas that get a lot of sunlight often have polygon- or octagon-shaped sunrooms peeking out from the living room, for example.

A uniquely shaped room addition brings style and individuality to your home. It’s a way to truly own your space and make it yours.


Are you a plant lover? Or maybe you’re just in love with natural light?

A conservatory is truly a striking addition to any home. They do take a bit more to implement, however. Conservatories traditionally require a glass wall and ceiling to give the plants the light they need to thrive.

Spending time in your brightly-lit conservatory, tending your plants, and enjoying the sunshine makes all the effort worth it, however.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind when it comes to adding a room on to an existing structure. It’s an exciting process, bringing your dreams into concrete reality.

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