Do you keep the maintenance of your roof a top priority?

Having a good, solid, and sturdy roofing is crucial to the lifespan of a home. With a damaged or bad roof, you can expect problems.

Knowing when to do roof replacement can be the difference to better property value. If you don’t want to throw money away, there’s one thing you can do.

We’re talking about proper roof maintenance. There’s nothing like honest to goodness maintenance that can make your roofing last longer.

How do you do small roof replacements? When should you do a roof repair?

In this guide, we give you the 7 essential practices you can do for proper rooftop maintenance:

1. Hire A Professional Roofing Inspector

Improving your roofing lifespan starts before you even buy your property. Before you go into buying a home, make sure to give your roofing a check. Many people will care to check renovated kitchen designs but will forget about their roof.

Hire a professional roofing inspector to check the roof before you buy the property. This can save you money down the road.

If you are planning to sell your home, it’s still better to hire roofing inspection. Pros can tell you what type of work you need to keep or improve your home’s value. A proper report can help you do a proper roof replacement with renovators down the line.

2. Do Roof Inspections Twice a Year

Twice a year, you would want to do an ocular inspection of your rooftop to look for issues. The inspection should come from both the ground and on the roof itself. Correct rooftop maintenance means taking care of issues in your home while they’re small.

In general, you want to make sure nothing is coming off. Any areas that have deformation, breakage, or cracks should be places you need to look deeper into. Look for areas where corrosion or rusting is happening and give it a good look.

Check your shingles. Look for anything loose, missing or shingles lifting out of place.

See if there are damages to your rooftop’s drip edge or your flashings. Are your gutters in good condition?

Anything off would need you to do a roof repair as soon as possible. Don’t let the problem get bigger before you correct the problem.

3. Clean Your Gutters

The gutters in your home are one of the problems that can reduce your roof’s total lifespan. Excess debris can encumber the gutters and damage them. Water puddles can also speed up the degradation for them too.

How do you do roof maintenance with your gutters? Remove any detritus that you can find by sweeping it off. Do so every fall and spring, when the weather is dry.

This prevents materials from rotting in your gutters and roof sheathing. If you can, use your hands and a metal brush to break apart dirt and rot. This prevents you from unnecessary and expensive roof repair down the line.

4. Handle Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can be a serious problem that can result in heavy roof replacement costs for you. Check for signs of leakage and have a professional repair and renovation contractor handle it. How can you find a roof leak?

Do a visual check at your ceilings and look for discoloration anywhere. You would want to look for yellow or brown stains, which comes from either rust or wood moisture. A stain during rainy season means a roof repair is in order.

Look for any areas where there are holes in the roof. Even the smallest nail holes can cause massive leaks in heavy rain. Create distance between your roof and tree branches to prevent pests from gnawing your roof.

Even before everything, make sure you have a professional remodeling and renovation contractor. Somebody doing their job can prevent any issues in the first place.

5. Wash Your Roof

Much like your gutter, proper rooftop maintenance means washing your roofing. Giving your roof a combination wash of water and bleach/roof cleaner should do the job.

Why do you need to do a proper wash?

Rain, dirt, and debris can cause many different problems that you would need to solve. For example, acid rain can corrode your roof after a few years. Washing off rainwater can help bring back your roof to a healthy sheen.

Washing your roof can be as easy as using a hose to scrub off the dirt off your roof. If you can’t use a hose, an extendable brush, soapy water, and some elbow grease works. You can also hire professional roof cleaners for the job.

6. Prevent Roof Streaking

Pay attention to the color of your roof. Roofing, over time, is prone to something called streaking. Roof streaking is the buildup of dark streaks in your home that look like algae or mold. It tends to start as small spots and can become bigger if left unchecked.

Algae spores can be airborne, meaning any roof can get them even with proper protection. Algae buildup can also create slips and damage your roofing if you leave it unattended.

While there’s no way to prevent it, especially in humid climates, you can use oxygen bleach.

7. Hire Roof Cleaners and Repairers

If you need to do a roof replacement or a roof repair, DIY is not always a good solution. Remember that it’s dangerous to go up to your roof and can cause undue harm. If you can, hire a professional roofing contractor to do the job.

Find a proper roofing company that can do the cleaning for you. Make sure to consider long-term instead of cheap when you hire someone to handle the problem.

Do Roof Maintenance ASAP

When it comes to roof maintenance, vigilance is the key. Small checks, inspections, and apt repair can mean the difference. If you can keep damages small, you should be in the black.

If you’re looking for someone to renovate your roof or remodel your home, you need pros to do it.

Contact your Los Angeles roofing contractor today and see how we can make your home a better asset for you.