After living in your home for a while you begin to get the urge to do some updates to your bathroom space. Even if you’re just moving into a new home you might feel like a few renovations could take place to give it more of a current feel.

The great part is that redesigning your bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult or really expensive. A few simple ideas could transform the room immediately. Keep reading to check out 7 modern bathroom design ideas to try in your home.

1. Changing Floor Tiles

Your first step to a more modern bathroom would be to switch up the floor tiling. A lot of times when a room looks outdated it’s because of the flooring, which is a large part of how people see the room overall. This may sound like a hard task but it isn’t actually too difficult to do- even on your own.

Go for floor tiles that are bright, symmetrical and not too “noisy.” Try to stay away from the classic black and white checkered tiles or anything that has a picture print on it.

2. Glass Shower

Glass is one of those materials that could make any part of your home look more upscale and sleek. This is a perfect reason why you should be adding it to your modern bathroom redesign plans.

Glass showers add a translucent effect to the bathroom and even work well in smaller spaces because they can be placed perfectly in corners and up against walls (but can also be built as stand-alone).

These showers can often be easier to clean since you only have to really worry about water stains on the walls.

3. More Marble

Another modern touch to add to your bathroom redesign is marble. Marble is another material that is well known for adding an elegant and clean aesthetic in any room. You have a few options for the way you could add it to your bathroom.

First, you could replace any sink-top space you have with beautiful marble framing. You could also add it as flooring to create a shiny, glowing ground that almost look like you could glide across. Marble can be used as shower walls- and pair exceptionally well with glass doors.

If you’re feeling daring, you could do your entire bathroom in the same matching marble print. But if you’d like to keep it more subtle, try using some marble decor, such as toothbrush and soap holders.

4. Freestanding Bathtub

Although the freestanding bathtub might remind you of its origins in the 1800s, there are some new styles available these days that will be the perfect addition to your modern bathroom.

You can choose from multiple shapes, including rectangular or oval-shaped with a sloping curve at the top. More rounded shapes will give a hint of Bordeaux flavor to the room.

There are even extra features you can add to these tubs to jazz them up a bit more, including jacuzzi jets and whirlpool add-ons.

5. Installing Dark Tile

If you’re going for more of a relaxing modern bathroom, then installing dark tile is the way to go. It might sound like it would be too dull or not bright enough, but the tile adds a depth to the room that doesn’t behave the same as just turning off the lights.

Dark tile can also be paired well with light appliances (bathtub, sink, etc.) for more of a balanced look. It can also be used for creating a more masculine aesthetic in a feminine dominated room.

6. Lighting Options

Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood in any environment. Toning down or brightening up the lighting in your bathroom could be the key to making it more modern.

Make sure you add fixtures that are simple and don’t overwhelm the space. Subtle vanity lighting built-in over a mirror will look different from wide bar lightbulbs going across the walls. You should also consider the effects of white bulbs versus yellow bulbs.

Take your time to choose what will complement the tone of the bathroom.

7. Floating Sink Bowl

This renovation even sounds cool and definitely modern. Floating sink bowls are the perfect addition to your modern bathroom for a variety of reasons.

Number one, they float — which technically means they’re attached to the wall and do not need a base. This can save a lot of space and helps the room to look cleaner. Also, they have sleek designs that go along with the geometric styling that you’re already going for.

You can choose from a shallow rectangle or square or a deep circular shape for your floating sink. You should consider the decorations that you may want to add later on before settling on a frame.

8. Adding Greenery

Plants can add life to any room- literally. Adding greenery is an affordable and natural way to give your modern bathroom just what it needs as a finishing touch.

Even if you choose not to have any other decor, some plants will do just the job at filling up the room in a revitalizing and refreshing way. They also will give the bathroom a lovely, uplifting aroma.

9. Neutral Colors

Sometimes just a quick color change can change your bathroom from outdated to modernized. It might be time for a paint job to cover up any clashing colors or patterns. You should also take down any old wallpaper or tapestry that may be too loud or vintage.

Aim for neutral color schemes that work well with each other. Check out what color combinations do psychologically to help you choose the type of feeling you want for the space. Don’t worry about adding any colors, as this may take away from the simplistic look you’re going for.

Ready to Create a Modern Bathroom For Your Home?

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to give your home a modern bathroom. However, all of these renovations come with plenty of smaller options.

This can become overwhelming to any homeowner. But with the right expert assistance, you can have the bathroom your desire in no time.

If you’re looking for some help with renovating your bathroom, contact us today for a free estimate.