As a parent, you’ll know that sharing a bathroom with children is not for the faint-hearted. It’s amazing how much chaos they can leave in their wake after bath time. 

So, if you have enough space, it makes sense to remodel one of your bathrooms for their exclusive use. A sense of ownership, coupled with a few design tips and tricks can help to make it easy for them to keep their own space neat and tidy. 

Upgrading your bathrooms is a good way to add value to your house. By replacing old fixtures with new energy- and water-saving ones, you’ll reduce your energy bills too. 

You don’t have to go the whole hog though, there are also some quick and easy fixes that mean you won’t have to sacrifice your child’s university fund for the sake of your sanity. 

Here’s the ultimate list of kids bathroom ideas that the whole family will love.

Double Vanities

If you have two children, a double vanity station is a concept that will see you through from squabbling grade schoolers all the way to primping teens. It eliminates the inevitable morning queue for the mirror when time is of the essence and has a few other benefits too.

When each child has their own space to take care of, they learn a little responsibility and independence too. Plus, you limit the squabbling over who took whos Star Wars toothpaste too. 

Colorful Kids Bathroom Ideas

No discussion about bathroom ideas for kids is complete without mentioning color. Kids love bright spaces when they’re little but by the time they turn 13 that Donald Duck mural should be long gone. So, play it cool and flexible with colors.

A modern kids bathroom should never be totally white or grey but be sure to choose fittings that will stay the trip. Neutral shades are all the rage right now and work well for all age groups. You can add a touch of color with accessories and art.

You can always repaint the walls, but it’s expensive to replace tiles, cabinets, and vanities every time your youngster grows out of their latest fad.

Leave Room for Expansion

When installing storage and vanities, take your children’s height into consideration. Cupboards and shelves should be easy to reach without assistance but remember how fast children grow before you install kiddie-sized vanities or baths. 

Older children can always reach down to grab a towel and littlies can use a step-stool to get into the bath or reach the sink. It also gives you somewhere to sit when supervising bathtime for small children.

A floating vanity looks great and leaves plenty of room to stash their step out of the way. 

Don’t Skimp on Storage

Everybody knows that children can’t keep their rubber ducky’s in a row. A basket in the bathroom is an easy way to eliminate clutter and keep their bath toys in one place. 

If you have teenagers, you’ll need plenty of closed drawers and shelves to accommodate their ever-growing collection of cosmetics, creams, and hair appliances. Plenty of concealed storage space is the easiest way to keep a semblance of order without endless nagging.

Pegboards with baskets and hooks for toys, toothbrushes, and towels add a novel touch and are practical for allowing items to air-dry in when not in use.

Change It Up

Stocking up on an assortment of themed rugs, towels, and shower curtains mean you can go from flowers to fairies in a blink. It also means the theme of your child’s bathroom can adapt to their current ideas of what’s cool and what’s not.

Decals are a fabulous way to add some fun to otherwise bare walls. They’re easy to apply and remove and you can find them in designs to suit all ages. 

It’s great fun to get them involved with choosing and placing these easy design features too. 

Framed artworks have a place in any bathroom nowadays. Why not frame some of your child’s colorful works to add unique interest to the walls?

All of these temporary measures are easy to adjust on occasions when your kid’s bathroom does double duty as a guest bathroom. 

Everything in Its Place

Very few children can master the art of hanging up towels neatly from a young age. Individual towel hooks solve all your wet towel woes. They’re easy to use and look neat no matter what.

You can also use hooks for washcloths and bathrobes too. Make sure each child has their own set of hooks for everything they need.

Teen Touches

Teenagers are hard to please at the best of times and their tastes change with the latest trends. If you want to appeal to their tastes, it’s best to keep things simple in a bathroom just for them.

A feature wall in a solid color is a good way to add a touch of their personality to the room. It’s amazing how many different looks you can create by changing up the colors and styles of towels and accessories you use. 

Practical Considerations

Colorful individual touches are the fun part of kids bathroom design, but there are certain practical aspects that apply to all bathrooms.

Apart from these, a contractor can also help you with a few structural elements to make your child’s bathroom a safer and more practical place.  

Small children need a place to put their bath toys. An alcove alongside the bath is perfect as is a built-in shower bench.

The latter doubles as a way for them to wash safely and easily in the shower too. If it has a flip-top lid, that’s even better for hiding playthings away after bathtime. 

A grab bar can come in handy for small children who may feel unsteady in the shower or slip in the bath. 

Planning Your Kids Bathroom Remodel

While decorating your bathroom and adding personal touches is something you could and should DIY, structural improvement to your bathroom are not. Always work with a reputable remodeling contractor to ensure the best outcomes. 

Get in touch to discuss your kids bathroom ideas. We’d love to advise you on the most practical bathroom remodeling solutions for you.